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Squid Warrior - Lego Atlantis Minifigure
November 17, 2013

For those looking to buy a Atalntis Lego set We've put together some good information. Squid Warrior makes a great Atalntis Lego set. My great aunt Chasity was telling me her son who is 18 years old truly loved playing with the Lego set Squid Warrior - Lego Atlantis Minifigure. Immediately I assumed this is a wonderful item. This provided me a large amount of worthwhile info and testimonials on the Atlantis Lego sets.

The maker of this Atalntis Lego set is Lego. Lego launched it sometime in 2013. I definitely liked that the product had lego minifigure consisting of 4 parts: torso, lower body with tentacles, head, and head cover. Other highlights include things like authentic lego minifigure.

The lowest price tag I could identify for these Legos is $13.25, plus whatever shipping charges could be. Buying the Squid Warrior. To find the best deal for this Lego set together with other products, visit our store add to shopping cart button.

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